Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aaron and Rachel - Custom Holiday Card

The Holidays. We all have a brother, sister, or cousin far more successful than we are. You pull up in your 2006 Honda Accord, your mom's brother's son Jeremy arrives in a five series BMW so new it still has those little rubber hairs on the tires. Uggh.

Well guess what- no one in Aaron and Rachel Tharpe's family cared about Jeremy's new BMW this year. The talk around the turkey was this festive number that we custom designed to send so much holiday cheer that it hurt.

We took inspiration from classic holiday stories, vintage wrapping paper and gave it a personal twist. The Tharpes chose letterpress printing and Workhorse Printmakers came through with a beautifully printed two color metallic card on Crane's Lettra with matching envelope.

They loved the results, we loved the results. Jeremy was bummed that no one cared about his satellite radio.

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