Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product Superior in Uppercase Magazine Issue 8

Those of you lucky folks who subscribe to Uppercase Magazine should be receiving issue 8 in your mailbox along with your daily quotient of credit card applications and discount coupons.

Inside will be one printed piece of letterpress ephemera from a variety of wildly talented and gifted folks. We're happy to say that we some how managed to sneak in with a few of our own pieces.

So those of you really lucky folks who sit in traffic without honking, carry groceries for old folks, don't squish spiders in the house, and do numerous unrequited good deeds daily, run to your mailbox! Quick! Today may be the day it all pays off with you being the proud owner of a snazzy new Product Superior card or print.

A special thanks to Uppercase for our inclusion and a great issue!

Jessica Define Custom Wedding invitations

We here at Product Superior like custom stuff. Shoes made to size, bike frames in any color we want, cheeseburgers with two pickles instead of one and mustard but not ketchup. In keeping with this, custom wedding invitations pretty much blow our mind.

Enter Jessica Define. Houston based designer, blogger, and most importantly in this case bride to be. She wanted a retro inspired wedding set that would be fun, classy, and appeal to both her and her fiance Steven. We were tasked with finding a solution that would meld their interests such as classic american muscle cars, mid-century design, high fashion, and rap music together in a way as compelling and interesting as they are as a couple.

We threw everything we had into the mix. Based on a few photos and the wonderful content written by the bride we whipped up some custom illustrations for use throughout the offset printed "informational poster" and rehearsal card. Fancy invitations call for some fancy printing and this is no exception. We went with letter pressed metallic gold ink on Crane's cotton paper. To top it all off we sourced out some custom gold foil stamped black ribbon.

We were thrilled with the results. More importantly we got the opportunity to make Jessica and Steven's big day just a wee bit bigger. Thanks again!