Friday, April 9, 2010

The Beast, and other News

Whew! Our blog is in serious need of some updating for 2010 and what better way to begin than with the latest news: in the last few months we've acquired 2 Chandler & Price presses and have found our first official workspace.

The first of was an old series - pat. 1885 - of which we've spent (eh hem, mostly John) the last few months or so taking apart, cleaning, painting, reassembling, and oiling. And then another few weeks to retrofit it with a new motor.

The second is a newer series - early 1900's - which we've aptly nicknamed The Beast for its freight train sound when running, and sheer mechanical size. We're in the process of replacing a few old parts and then we'll give it a good dust off and be raring to go.

Some may be interested to know that we will be 100% Wind powered, and we'll take a shot at using soy based inks with a biodegradable solvent on our presses.

We're very excited at getting our hands dirty with print and working with these amazing old machines and hope that you will be too. We are still in the process of getting ourselves organized in the space, but will be sure to add an update when we are more officially settled in.

Enjoy a few sneak peak photos!

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Tom said...

*DROOLS* it looks so beautiful.