Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Amongst all of the colorful ephemera surrounding Easter, the candy filled baskets, the decorating of eggs, and the ensuing egg hunts—another thing I really love is the Sunday attire. After seeing a clip on the tube about Mr. Song, the maker of Aretha's hat at the inauguration for Obama, I was instantly reminded about some of the special Easter outfits I had as a child. The ensembles my grandmother had myself and my aunt get suited up in always involved some bright pastel colored dress with white lace trimming, thick stockings or lacy socks, and those begrudgingly stiff patent leather mary janes. I do believe there was a hat involved on occasion, but unfortunately not in the caliber of Mr. Song's lovely creations. I've posted some of them taken from their website below.

Happy Easter!

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Moo! said...

this made me giggle. : ) I really think it'd be nice for people in this modern 'no time, gotta run out the door in 10 minutes' world to slow down a bit and take a step back to old school glamour. I loved all the old photos my grandmothers had where no matter what, just to step out of the house they always had a full ensemble on. Especially the 50s, where hats really were much more a part of everyday apparel.