Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The American Museum of Natural History, NYC

Upon my return from a holiday in Texas, we decided to visit the Natural History Museum here in New York. For one, it's been many years since we last visited and for two, the Horse exhibit was going to be ending. We were a little shocked at the "special" exhibit price though—a whopping $48 for two tickets. Now, don't mistake us for not appreciating the cost of having access to these museums and their amazing collections, because we really do. Consider this though: For a family of four (two adults and two children), tickets to view the Horse exhibit would total $76 (24 per adult and 14 per child). How many families can afford this? Perhaps their intended audience is from a higher income bracket or maybe it's just a tourist trap. Maybe I'm just thinking too much on it. In the end, we paid and checked out the show.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite what I had hoped (I was anticipating wall-size photographic depictions of all horse species from miniatures to heavies and drafts, as well as a temporarily installed grooming booth with information on proper care, and even a room full of saddles from ancient to modern, ranging from all around the world)—I swear my expectations weren't completely colored by that sticker price. The best part of the show were the video clips from horse races and events from around the world (again, nothing on dressage and the saddlebred competions I once participated in, jumpers are usually mentioned instead). Photography was not allowed, therefore I have no images to share.

After the Horse exhibit, we spent some time with the Bird, Culture (various Peoples), Fossil, and Mammal Halls. Here are some photos that I did take.

PS. I love love love dioramas.

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