Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Dia de Los Muertos!

While we were recently visiting Houston spending quality time with family, we did a little shopping on the stretch of antique and boutique shops in the Heights (historical neighborhood near downtown). I always enjoy when we can make a quick pit stop there, as for one, my all-time favorite vietnamese food restaurant is now located here. The other reason is because like any of the old little towns (though Houston is large) I pass through, I love seeing the mix mash of storefronts. There was a shop dedicated to mexican culture with items like coconut masks, prayer dolls, candles, and more. I stumbled on a table that had a pile of various colored glazed tiles. On their faces, there were many different depictions of skeleton scenes—portraits, dancing, and horseback fighting. Being the horse lover, I opted for the latter. Here's a photo of the tile. 

Gosh, I wish I had some fresh pan dulce.

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